Inspired by a love of cooking and a lack of space in her Manhattan kitchen, designer Laura Martin decided to reinvigorate kitchens everywhere with a New York touch. Laura set out to create a line of storage solutions for spices that would be a "functional" design element. Thus we get a design that is practical, easy to use and also shows off the beautiful array of colors and textures of the spices and enhances the decor of any space. The design proved so effective that people soon started buying multiple units to use as storage solutions all over the house – from office, to craft corner, to workbench, to vanity. And so our plastic See & Store line was conceived to further expand this innovative storage solution.


Laura Martin, Founder and President

Laura graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York where she excelled in package design and information architecture. Wanting to combine her creative experience as art director in advertising and the business experience she gained from being the owner of a dot com, Laura founded Soho Spices in early 2001 because she felt a desperate need to come up with new and exciting ways to package spices. Her passionate for clean, linear design and problem solving led her to invent the magnetic spice rack for which she has received 5 US design patents 1 US utility patent and has several other patent applications pending. Laura is an avid fly fisherman and lives in the West Village with her young son.

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Robert Reeser – VP, Board Member, Patent Attorney

Soho Spices was lucky to be referred to St. Louis based patent attorney Robert (Bob) Reeser, a partner at Armstrong Teasdale LLP. Bob graduated cum laude from Saint Louis University School of Law and also holds a Masters Degree from Webster University. Bob has worked tirelessly to shepherd Laura’s ideas through the murky depths of the US Patent office and champion Soho Spices in licensing, and aggressively protecting our intellectual property rights. Due to his unflinching devotion to what was admittedly a small start-up to begin with, we were moved to elect Bob to our board of directors in 2005. Bob lives in St. Louis with his wife and 3 children.


Our mission is to have a magnetic spice rack in every kitchen in America. Currently Soho Spices’ magnetic spice shakers are sold in hundreds of stores in the US as well as in top design stores all over the world. With some recent licensing deals in the US and Europe we hope to be in 10,000 stores globally.

Soho Spices is in the process of leveraging our extensive patent portfolio and brand to come up with containers in several different materials and various sizes to create packaging for dry goods and other items.

Soho Spices Inc. branded products are now available all over North America, in Western Europe, Australia, South Africa, Japan and New Zealand. Its mainstay stainless steel containers are retailed in home design and gift stores and in boutiques catering to the high-end of the household durables market. In Western Europe, Soho Spices is available in Scandinavia, France, Italy, Germany, the UK and Ireland and its brand is gaining market recognition for innovative design and utility value.